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We used to spend all week working and then all weekend cleaning the house, ready to start working again on Monday morning. Fitting cleaning in between the usual weekend duties such as taking the children to ballet, swimming and to visit grandparents, as well as going shopping was a huge chore and – believe me – I am no domestic goddess and would much rather be walking the dogs. Then we discovered HomeCleanz Cleaning Service.

HomeCleanz have been coming to our house twice a week for the last year. We go out to work as usual. They come in while we are gone. We come home to a neat and tidy house smelling of clean, fresh floors and bathrooms. There are teabags in the mugs by the kettle and the sofa cushions are plumped up invitingly. The bins are emptied and the French doors are fingerprint-free. It’s like having a House Fairy. I would certainly recommend HomeCleanz to anyone looking for a bit more ‘me time’. Life’s too short to spend free time cleaning, mopping and disinfecting. Above all, HomeCleanz are friendly, reliable and honest. We couldn’t manage without them now.



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